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  1. The dental treatment setting as a venue for disclosure of sexual abuse - an interdisciplinary study

    Gisela Priebe, Eva Wolf, Magnus Englander & Erin McCarthy

    Project: ResearchOther collaboration

  2. The Drowning World

    Adam Brenthel

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  3. The Flight Onward

    Thomas Olsson

    Project: Dissertation

  4. The Gateway Guide: A Transnational Book & Tourism History, 1950-1975

    Sune Bechmann Pedersen & Maria Simonsen

    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  5. The genetics of soft tissue tumors

    Jan Köster, Fredrik Mertens & Henryk Domanski

    Project: Dissertation

  6. The Many Faces of Compassion

    Maria Småberg

    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  7. The multifaceted nature of social competence during middle childhood

    Åsa Arvidsson, Hans Bengtsson & Tomas Jungert

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  8. Theology in the Book of Ruth

    Fredrik Lindström

    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  9. The role of CART in islet function

    Mia Abels

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  10. The role of FIH-1 in glioblastoma multiforme

    Vasiliki Pantazopoulou & Alexander Pietras

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  11. The role of iron in surface waters

    Emma Kritzberg, Simon David Herzog, Per Persson & Daniel Conley

    FORMAS, a Swedish research council for sustainable development, Crafoord Foundation

    Project: Research

  12. The seniority principle in redundancy situations

    Birgitta Nyström, J Mulder & Monika Schlachter

    Project: Research

  13. The Spirit of Gnosjö – The Grand Narrative and Beyond

    Caroline Wigren

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  14. SAGA: The Strömgren survey for Asteroseismology and Galactic Archeology

    Luca Casagrande, Sofia Feltzing, Christian Sahlholdt & Pieter Gruyters

    Kungliga Fysiografiska Sällskapet i Lund

    Project: Research

  15. The Swedish Agency for Health and Care Services Analysis

    Ulf Gerdtham, Adam Lundqvist & Emelie Andersson

    Project: Commissioned research

  16. The Swedish contribution to LISA

    Ross Church, Ariel Goobar, S. Rosswog, Melvyn B Davies & David Hobbs

    Swedish National Space Board

    Project: Research

  17. The Swedish Riks-TIA study

    Fredrik Buchwald

    Project: DissertationClinical research

  18. Transition to Cloud Sourcing - Innovation and Competitive Advantage

    Mirella Muhic, Lars Bengtsson, Jonny Holmström & Danilo Brozovic

    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  19. TRanssol: Transnational Solidarity in times of Crisis

    Deniz Duru

    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research, International collaboration

  20. Twelve complete chloroplast genomes of wild peanuts: great genetic resources and a better understanding of Arachis phylogeny

    Juan Wang, Yuan Li, C Li, C Yan, X Zhao, C Yuan, Q Sun, C Shi, R Tang & S Shan

    Project: Research

  21. Ursprungsfolk och klimatförändringar

    Anders Burman

    Project: ResearchNational collaboration


    Kristina Drott

    Project: Research

  23. Vehicular positioning

    Junshi Chen & Fredrik Tufvesson

    Project: DissertationCollaboration with industry

  24. Visiting Professors and Emeriti - Department of Economics

    Hans Carlsson, Charlotte Christiansen, David Edgerton, Lars Hermann Ehlers, Björn Hansson, Lars Jonung, Martin Karlsson, Eva Liljeblom, Friederike Mengel, Inga Persson, S Abraham Ravid, Lars-Gunnar Svensson, Lars Söderström & Susan Chun Zhu

    Project: Network