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  1. GRASSP: Boundaryless work, stress, sleep and private life

    Karen Albertsen, Anne Helene Garde, Roger Persson & Reiner Rugulies


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

  2. Brain pericyte alteration in neurodegenerative diseases

    Thomas Padel, Ilknur Ozen & Gesine Paul-Visse


    Project: Dissertation

  3. BrainStem: BrainStem - Stem Cell center of Excellence in Neurology

    Poul Hyttel, Jan Gorodkin, Peter Sandøe, Mark Denham, Yonglun Luo, Morten Meyer, Malin Parmar, Agnete Kirkeby, Laurent Roybon, Gunnar Gouras, Gunhild Waldemar, Karina Fog, Christian Clausen & Nathalie Compagnone



    Project: NetworkCollaboration with industry

  4. BRAINVECTORS - from Brain Gene Transfer towards Gene Therapy: Pharmacological Assessment of AAV, CAV-2 and LVV

    Cecilia Lundberg

    European Commission - FP7


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  5. Brand orientations in the public sector

    Jon Bertilsson, Jens Rennstam & Katie Sullivan


    Project: ResearchInternal collaboration (LU), International collaboration

  6. Bran Refinery

    E N Karlsson, Maria Andersson & Roya Sardari

    Lantmännens forskningsstiftelse

    2015/03/05 → …

    Project: Research

  7. Breaking into sign language: the role of input and individual differences

    Chloe Marshall, Vikki Janke & Marianne Gullberg


    Project: NetworkInternational collaboration

  8. Breathing life into a standard

    Karolina Lindh


    Project: Dissertation

  9. Broken Technologies. The Humanist as Engineer

    Fernando Flores


    Project: Research

  10. Bruno K. Öijer and Intermedial Poetry

    Mikael Askander


    Project: Research

  11. Building an Entrepreneurial ecosystem of innovation

    Bachir Brahim


    Project: Dissertation

  12. Building cities to accommodate people, biodiversity and ecosystem services

    Anna Persson

    FORMAS, Forskningsrådet för miljö, areella näringar och samhällsbyggande


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  13. Building Resilient Ecosystems and Livelihoods to Climate Change and Disaster Risks

    Ali Mansourian & Petter Pilesjö


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  14. Bullying and harassment at the workplace – Prevalence, risk factors, consequences, prevention and rehabilitation

    Annie Hogh, Åse Marie Hansen, Roger Persson, Ole Olsen, Jakob Pedersen, Eva Gemzøe Mikkelsen & Charlotte Bloch


    Project: ResearchNational collaboration, Interdisciplinary research

  15. Burden of musculoskeletal diseases

    Martin Englund

    2013/04/01 → …

    Project: Research

  16. Burden of proof in construction disputes

    Marcus Utterström

    2017/01/09 → …

    Project: Dissertation

  17. Business as usual. Corporate defence strategies against accusations of crime.

    Isabel Schoultz & Janne Flyghed

    The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation: Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Science Research


    Project: Research

  18. Butiken som mötesplats - - en central konkurrensfördel i en digitaliserad värld

    Karin M Ekström & Håkan Jönsson


    Project: ResearchCollaboration with industry

  19. CAMINE: Cemetery Architecture, Meaning-making Intentions and Experiences

    Anna Petersson, Carola Wingren, Maria Liljas, Eva Reimers & Gunnar Cerwen

    FORMAS, Forskningsrådet för miljö, areella näringar och samhällsbyggande


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

  20. Can a nickel-allergic dermatitis be prevened with a nickel-barrier creme?

    Marléne Isaksson, Magnus Bruze & Bo Niklasson

    2010/11/01 → …

    Project: ResearchClinical research

  21. Cancerbehandling & forskning

    Bertil R Persson

    2018/04/11 → …

    Project: NetworkNational collaboration

  22. Can new technology reduce the use of electricity and improve daylight in pig stables?

    Hans Von Wachenfelt, Niko Gentile & Knut-Håkan Jeppsson


    Project: ResearchNational collaboration, Interdisciplinary research

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