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  1. Abstract, concrete and emotional words in the mental lexicon

    Frida Blomberg


    Project: Dissertation

  2. Abstract, emotional and concrete words in the mental lexicon

    Frida Blomberg, Merle Horne, Mikael Roll, Pelle Söderström & Magnus Lindgren

    Swedish Research Council


    Project: Research

  3. Academic Writing in English at Lund University (AWELU)

    Cecilia Wadsö-Lecaros, Fabian Beijer, Lennart Nyberg, Henrik Gyllstad, Julienne Stewart-Sandgren, Mats Johansson, Tomas Schönthal, Rikard Stymne, Fredrik Lindström & Marcus Lecaros


    Project: Research

  4. ACCEL-Anpassad Kemisk Komposition av matningsmaterial för förbättrad lasersvetsning

    Håkan Hallberg

    Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)

    Project: ResearchNational collaboration

  5. TRANSFORM: Accelerating Sustainability Entrepreneurship Experiments in Local Spaces

    Kes Mccormick


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration, Interdisciplinary research

  6. Accelerator - Climate Effective Packaging

    Henrik Pålsson & Daniel Hellström


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration, Collaboration with industry

  7. Acceleratorverksamheten SoPact

    Peter Lövschall

    City of Helsingborg


    Project: Other

  8. ACCESS Chile Sweden

    Henrik Rahm


    Project: NetworkInternational collaboration

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