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  1. Analysis of numerical methods for optimization problems in machine learning

    Måns Williamson & Tony Stillfjord


    Project: DissertationInternal collaboration (LU)

  2. Analysis of pre-diagnostic PDAC samples using antibody-based microarray technology

    Venera Kuci Emruli, Leena Liljedahl, Ulrika Axelsson, Corinna Richter, Lisa Theorin, Christiana Kartsonaki, Michael V Holmes, Zhengming Chen & Carl Borrebaeck

    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  3. An ancient cityscape and its people – A study of ancient Hermion

    Alkestis Papadimitriou, Jenny Wallensten, Henrik Gerding, Giacomo Landeschi, Anna Tornberg & Stefan Lindgren


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  4. An Anthology of Swedish Verse

    Daniel Möller & Niklas Schiöler


    Project: Research

  5. aDNA-Amphora: Ancient DNA inside archaeological ceramics from Greek shipwrecks

    Maria Hansson & Brendan Foley

    2007/06/01 → …

    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  6. Ancient Lives of Roman Buildings

    Penelope Davies


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  7. Andningsbaserad prediktering av intradialytisk hypotension

    Frida Sandberg

    Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)


    Project: ResearchCollaboration with industry

  8. A neglected elite? Processes of elitization in Swedish Civil Society

    Roberto Scaramuzzino

    Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  9. An empirical framework for large-scale modeling of dissolved organic carbon fluxes across soils and water

    Martin Berggren, Geert Hensgens, Benjamin Smith, Jörgen Olofsson & Anneli Poska

    FORMAS, a Swedish research council for sustainable development


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  10. An Empirically Based Theory for Open Software Engineering Tools

    Hussan Munir


    Project: Dissertation

  11. Anesthesia in Closed Loop

    Kristian Soltesz, Olof Troeng, Fredrik Bagge Carlson & Anton Cervin


    Project: ResearchClinical research

  12. A New Biologism? How Medical Research, Policy and Clinical Practice Approach Ethnic Differences in Health

    Shai Mulinari & Anna Bredström


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  13. A new generation of slow light applications

    Stefan Kröll


    Project: Research

  14. A new principle for sensation in robot hands

    Christian Balkenius


    Project: Research

  15. A new way to grow nanowires: aerotaxy

    Knut Deppert, Martin Magnusson, Lars Samuelson, Wondwosen Metaferia, Sudhakar Sivakumar & Bengt Meuller

    Swedish Research Council


    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  16. An Institutional Perspective on Knowledge Co-production Projects between Academia and Local Planning Agencies

    Natalie Coquand, Kes Mccormick & Bengt Persson

    2017/02/16 → …

    Project: DissertationInterdisciplinary research

  17. Anointing the Lowly: Messianic Meaning in John 12:1-8

    David Svärd


    Project: Dissertation

  18. Anonyma Narkomaner i Sverige / Narcotics anonymous in Sweden

    Petter Karlsson, Anna Meeuwisse & Malin Arvidson


    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  19. Antalets moraliska betydelse

    David Alm


    Project: Research

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