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  1. E-handel

    Ulf Johansson

    Project: Research

  2. Essays on Banking and Corporate Finance

    Alemu Tulu Chala, Håkan Jerker Holm & Jens Forssbaeck

    Project: Dissertation

  3. eSSENCE@LU 5:7 - Combined computational and crystallographic methods to improve protein structures

    Ulf Ryde, Octav Caldararu, Lili Cao, Esko Oksanen, Anna Linusson & Fredrik Ekström

    eSSENCE: The e-Science Collaboration

    Project: Research

  4. Evolution and differentiation in Silene

    Honor C Prentice, Stefan Andersson, Fabienne Van Rossum, John R. McNeill & Yamama Naciri

    Project: Research

  5. Expanding the river rehabilitation tool box: dam removal and fish friendly turbines

    Olle Calles, Anders Nilsson, Martin Österling & Lutz Eckstein

    Project: Research

  6. Experiences of genital pain among queer women

    Elin Ekholm, Ida Flink & Tove Lundberg

    Project: Dissertation

  7. Exploring new avenues to ensure refugee integration

    Thomas Gammeltoft

    Project: Research

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