Study on the light stability of natural colorants in solid state

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The project focuses on the evaluation of the photostability of the natural colorants in solid state under visible light exposure. To types of natural colorants are included in the project. The carotenoid Bixin extracted from the vegetal species Bixa orellana, and anthocyanins from purple corn extracts (Zea mays). The aim of the project is to compare the stability of the pure components or extracts with microencapsulated colorants. The microcapsules were obtained by spray drying the colorants with different wall materials.

The photostability tests were performed irradiating solid samples with a plasma sulphur lamp that irradiates under the visible spectrum of light with a spectral power distribution similar to the standard illuminant D65, which resembles daylight.

Layman's description

Natural colorants are sensitive to degradation when exposed to light. The aim of the study focuses on evaluating how protecting the colorants with different materials using spray drying can improve their stability and prevent the colorants degradation.
Short titleNatural Colorants
StatusNot started