Systematic review for persons with dementia and apathy: prevalence, screening and effect of non-pharmalogical treatments

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  • Dementia, apathy


Apathy or loss of motivation are present in nine out of ten people with dementia and leads to impaired functioning in
daily life with increased demand for care for the person and the burden on relatives. The condition however, are
payed little attention by the family, relatives, health care and social services related to that person is calm and does
not show signs of anxiety. Research on people with dementia focusing on apathy is sparse regarding the prevalence,
screening, non-pharmacological treatments used and outcome of these treatments. This knowledge is important in
order to provide relevant care and thereby improve the quality of life of people with dementia, preventing social
isolation, facilitate the activities of daily life and relieve the burden from relatives. Registered in PROSPERO.
Short titleDementia and apathy
Effective start/end date2016/07/012017/03/31