The Metaphysics of Sexual Technologies

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Sexual technology could be defined as those activities, directed towards the satisfaction of human sexuality that are intended to produce changes in the material world. Among others: sexual as technology (Kama sutra);sex tools;technological resources that improve sexuality;contraceptives;5)technologies with indirect influence; Technologies that support pregnancy and child delivery; etc.

Sexual bodies, artefacts and devices can be studied from the point of view of their docking properties: The first and most common conception of techno-sex is when the sexual praxis is reduced to a methodology; when the sexual intercourse is conceived as an “effective procedure”; for example the perspective of the Kama sutra. The second most common approach is that of technological devices used as sex tools. In this case, the artefacts act as an extension of the human body, as the hammer is an extension of the arm e.g. the dildo. A third group consists of technological resources that improve sexuality. For example, the Viagra or the penis’ pump. A fourth group consist of contraceptives and in general artefacts that prevent pregnancy. This group can also be divided in mechanical and chemical. Technologies that only indirectly influence the sexual life; for example the development of the bicycle which influenced in women’s use of trousers and the general impact on women’s dressing mode. At last the group of artefacts that are aimed to support pregnancy and child delivery; this group of technologies are also indirectly connected to sexuality towards its consequences.
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