The sturgeon barrel from the Gribshunden shipwreck

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  • Archaeology


During the 2019 excavations of the Gribshunden shipwreck, the fascinating find of a barrel seemingly filled with the remains of sturgeon was recovered. In this sub-project we analyse the remains using traditional zooarchaeological methods integrated with aDNA analysis.
Effective start/end date2019/10/012020/09/30


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Brendan Foley, Johan Rönnby, Björn Nilsson, Nicolo Dell'Unto & Paola Derudas

Crafoord Foundation


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Macheridis, S. (Interviewee), Hansson, M. (Interviewee), Foley, B. (Interviewee), Anna Maria Erling (Lyricist)
2020 Aug 27

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Foley, B. (Presenter), Macheridis, S. (Interviewee), Derudas, P. (Interviewee), Hansson, M. (Interviewee), Niklas Eriksson (Interviewee), Dirk Muter (Interviewee), Maria Mostadius (Contributor), Hans Linderson (Interviewee), Dell'Unto, N. (Contributor), Mark Siddal (Interviewee), Brett Seymour (Contributor), Jonathan Adams (Interviewee), Johan Rönnby (Interviewee)

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Brendan Foley (Recipient), 2020 Jun 2

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