The Works and Correspondence of Axel Oxenstierna

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Axel Oxenstierna was Chancellor of the Realm from 1612 to 1654. His archives contain a wealth of source material for Swedish and European Early Modern history. I have edited the letters from two diplomats in Swedish service, Sir James Spens (London) and Jan Rutgers (Bohemia and The Netherlands) and am working on the edition of the letters from Carl Marinus in Zurich.

Axel Oxenstierna was chancellor of Sweden under King Gustav II Adolf, the regency of 1632-1644, and Queen Christina. Internationally he is best known as the leader of Swedish foreign policy during the Thirty Years' War. His activities in peace and war, internationally and domestically, as chancellor and magnate can be studied through his enormous correspondence.

Dr. Helmut Backhaus has been project leader and in charge of the editions of Swedish and German letters; Arne Jönsson has answered for the Latin language parts of the correspondence.

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