Theory and Reality

Project: Dissertation

Layman's description

The project concerns the mathematical modelling of the relation between theory and reality. It touches on areas from traditional philosophy (metaphysics, logic and philosophy of language) to modern theory of science (structuralism and the interpretation of quantum mechanics).

I try to advance on philosophical problems by scientific methods. The thesis concerns how we can find out anything about the world, given the theories we have about it. That a theory has been successful does not mean that it is true, and that it is true does not mean that it is easy to see what it really says about the world. An example of this is quantum mechanics, which we have good reasons to hold as approximately true, but from which the extraction of a graspable world-view has proved to be exceedingly difficult.

My methodology is largely based on mathematical modelling. The idea is that if we are exact enough, then although we may not be able to solve what very well may prove to be unsolvable problems, we will att least manage to make them significantly clearer.
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