Understanding the cognitive elements of Strategic Thinking

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In this project, we explore the concept and praxis of Strategic Thinking in individuals and organizations. Strategic Thinking is seen as related to situations of high dynamic complexity, high level of ambiguity and high level of uncertainty. Strategic Thinking is a core concept in Management of all sorts of organizations. Little is known, however, about the cognitive elements of Strategic Thinking. As a consequence, we also know too little about how best to develop the ability to think strategically.

In this project, we are testing ways to identify the core cognitive processes in Strategic Thinking. We are furthermore exploring a way to develop the individual ability to think strategically.

Strategic Thinking is also related to concepts like Strategic Context and Strategic Decision making. In this project, we are investigating how these two concepts are understood in general and in specific contexts (business, public management, law, etc.).

Layman's description

Thinking strategically is an often used term. In this project we aim to increase our understanding of what this type of thinking might be. How do we think when we think strategically? Can we develop our ability to think strategically? If so, how?
Short titleStrategic Thinking
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