V 1,3. A small but not insignificant atrium house at Pompeii

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The house was excavated in two periods first in the middle of the 1830ies and then in 1875. Our work in the house started in 2008. During the investigation an intricate system of water pipes and drains has come to light that is of great value for the understanding of the ownership of the buildings in the south part of the insula.

The small atrium house in the southern part of he city block was excavated in two periods; the first in the 1830ies and the second in 1875. The documentation from the original excavations are as often is the case inadequate. The house belonged to the large neighbouring house Casa del Torello di Bronzo to which corridors connected it. It is clear that the house was rebuilt several times. The investigations started in 2008 and continued during several field campaigns. The over all aim of the project is to make a comprehensive documentation of the structures and make an analysis of the house and its structures as well as of the relation between the phases of re-building in the various parts of the house. During the first year of investigation the prime aim was to localise water pipes as a water-distribution box had been found in the atrium; where did the water enter the house and where did it go. Already in this first stage of investigation there were interesting results in the shape of water pipes that led to onetime existing fountains in different parts of the house but more important water conduits that led the excess water to different cisterns in and outside the house. The water system and the architecture as it came to be after the latest rebuilding has great importance for the understanding of ownership and social structure in the southern part of the city block.
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Anne-Marie Leander Touati, Margareta Staub Gierow, Arja Karivieri, Renée Forsell, Thomas Staub, Danilo Marco Campanaro, Stefan Lindgren, Hans Thorwid & Mats Holmlund


Project: Research

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