Vaccines, Migration, and Family: The Long-Term Effects of Early-Life Exposures on Income, Education, and Health in Sweden

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  • Economic History


This thesis will explore some events that can be hypothesised to have had sizeable impacts on the lives of people who lived through it. It will focus on a medical innovation, the vaccine against polio, a War scenario, the Yugoslavian wars, and a family shock in the form of parental loss, as means of identifying situations that affected or benefited the development of infants and children, potentially scarring them in their later-life development.
These events had significant impacts on the health of those who experienced them, and their immediate effects can be seen in the dropping numbers of cases of polio and the well documented hardship experienced as consequence of war or sudden parental loss. But the main objective of this dissertation will be to look beyond the short term effects, and follow people exposed to these events, to study the lasting effects they had on later-life characteristics.
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