Work and Organization in the digital age

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Our theme aims to investigate how this technological revolution transforms how we work, both at an individual and organizational level, and the challenges this poses both nationally and globally.Internet and communication technology (ICT) has become part of our lives both through the omnipresence of smartphones and tablets but also embedded in ticket machines, robotic lawn mowers, dialysis machines and other appliances connected to the internet, commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Our theme brings together researchers from 4 faculties (Economics and Management, Engineering, Humanities and Theology, and Social Sciences), 6 departments, 3 institutes and 2 universities, ranging from PhD students to professors. Our project work will be structured around so called personas, fictive, but realistic, examples of professions and roles in work environments such as healthcare (e.g. caring for cancer patients in their homes via internet-enabled devices); education (e.g. administrative systems and use of e-learning platforms and software) or management (e.g. remote-working or managing virtual teams). The central emphasis on the personas as representatives of work environments provides a unique opportunity to disseminate our multi-disciplinary research in a creative manner, as well as in traditional publication format, e.g. as a comic strip or as short (animated or filmed) video clips depicting these personas.
Short titleDigiwork
Effective start/end date2016/09/152017/05/18