100Sn Core Excitations in 102In

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title = "100Sn Core Excitations in 102In",
abstract = "Nuclei in the vicinity of the doubly-magic Sn-100 nucleus have been studied, and an extended level scheme for In-102 has been established. The level structure comprises both the negative parity states involving the nuh(11/2) orbital, and levels due to the breakup of the doubly-magic Sn-100 core. Results of a large-scale shell model calculation, using realistic and empirical effective interactions with Sr-88 as a core, are in very good agreement with the experimental data.",
author = "M Lipoglavsek and C Baktash and MP Carpenter and DJ Dean and T Engeland and Claes Fahlander and M Hjorth-Jensen and RVF Janssens and A Likar and J Nyberg and E Osnes and SD Paul and A Piechaczek and DC Radford and Dirk Rudolph and D Seweryniak and DG Sarantites and M Vencelj and CH Yu",
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volume = "65",
journal = "Physical Review C: covering nuclear physics",
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