1H NMR Kinetic Study of Dimethyl Sulfoxide Exchange on Tetrakis(dimethyl- sulfoxide)platinum(II) at Variable Temperature and Pressure: High-pressure NMR kinetics. 36.

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The present report is a 'H NMR investigation of the dimethyl sulfoxide exchange on Pt(Me2S0)42+ as a function of temperature and pressure in CD3N02. Dimethyl sulfoxide is an ambidentate ligand, and the complex contains two 0-bonded and two S-bonded ligands that are exchanging with the free ligand at different rates. It is favorable to follow these exchanges in a non-coordinating diluent like nitromethane, since it allows variation of the ligand concentration, thus giving an opportunity to establish the rate law. The use of a diluent of high dielectric constant and of uncharged ligands minimizes the electrostriction changes along the reaction path, so that the measured volumes of activation will reflect primarily the intrinsic changes of molecular volumes on going to the transition state.


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