A variational approach to splitting schemes, with applications to domain decomposition integrators

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Nonlinear parabolic equations are frequently encountered in applications and
approximating their solutions require large scale computations. In order to
obtain efficient numerical approximations, it is crucial to design and analyze
schemes that can be implemented on parallel and distributed hardware. To this
end, we introduce a general framework of non-autonomous, inhomogeneous
evolution equations in a variational setting, and show convergence of the sum
operator splitting scheme. We exemplify the usage to a p-Laplacian type
problem with a possibly time depending domain decomposition.


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  • Technical University of Berlin
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  • Nonlinear evolution problem, monotone operator, operator splitting, convergence, domain decomposition
Original languageEnglish
JournalMathematics of Computation
Publication statusSubmitted - 2019 Feb 27
Publication categoryResearch