An 8-GHz beamforming transmitter IC in 130-nm CMOS

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title = "An 8-GHz beamforming transmitter IC in 130-nm CMOS",
abstract = "An 8-GHz beamforming transmitter IC has been designed in a 130-nm CMOS process. Two power amplifiers with independently controllable phase enable the beamforming. The phases are digitally controllable over the full 360° range, which is accomplished by binary weighting of quadrature phase signals in the power amplifiers. The quadrature phase signals are generated by a quadrature voltage controlled oscillator followed by a buffer, which serves as an isolation between the power amplifiers and the oscillator. The chip contains seven on-chip differential inductors, and consumes a total of 47 mA from a 1.0 V supply. The measured output power is -3 dBm for each power amplifier. {\textcopyright} 2007 IEEE.",
keywords = "Quadrature phase signals, Binary weighting, Differential inductors",
author = "Johan Wernehag and Henrik Sj{\"o}land",
year = "2007",
doi = "10.1109/RFIC.2007.380950",
language = "English",
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