An evaluation of methods for prioritizing software requirements

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title = "An evaluation of methods for prioritizing software requirements",
abstract = "This article describes an evaluation of six different methods for prioritizing software requirements. Based on the quality requirements for a telephony system, the authors individually used all six methods on separate occasions to prioritize the requirements. The methods were then characterized according to a number of criteria from a user's perspective. We found the analytic hierarchy process to be the most promising method, although it may be problematic to scale-up. In an industrial follow-up study we used the analytic hierarchy process to further investigate its applicability. We found that the process is demanding but worth the effort because of its ability to provide reliable results, promote knowledge transfer and create consensus among project members.",
keywords = "engineering, Requirements, prioritising, Experimental evaluation",
author = "Joachim Karlsson and Claes Wohlin and Bj{\"o}rn Regnell",
year = "1998",
doi = "10.1016/S0950-5849(97)00053-0",
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