Att skapa ordning: Den systematiska samlaren

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title = "Att skapa ordning: Den systematiska samlaren",
abstract = "For a collection to be considered as such, and not appear only as a clutter or jumble of things, it has to be based on some kind of selection and systematisation. The research question of this article is how and why collectors structure their collections, organise, and arrange them. The research material is answers to the directive “Collecting things”, presented by the Mass Observation Archive in 2000, and interviews with two collectors. According to Bowker & Star (2000) to classify is human. How things are classified however, is not inherent or self-evident. Where some use alphabetical order, others take colours as the starting point or origin. What is deemed as a possible structure of a collection is culturally influenced.",
keywords = "samlare, samlingar, samla, samling, systematisering, klassificering, klassifikation, struktur, ordning, collector, collection, systematisation, classification, order, structure",
author = "Charlotte Hagstr{\"o}m",
year = "2017",
language = "svenska",
pages = "8--16",
journal = "Kulturella perspektiv - svensk etnologisk tidsskrift",
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