Band Crossing Phenomena in N = Z Nuclei - A Probe to T=0 Pairing Correlations?

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title = "Band Crossing Phenomena in N = Z Nuclei - A Probe to T=0 Pairing Correlations?",
abstract = "The structure of the N = Z nuclei Zn-60, Ga-62, Ge-64 and Kr-72 has been investigated at GASP. Total Routhian surface (TRS) calculations have been performed for the N = 36, 38 and 40 Kr isotones. In the case of Kr-72 the four quasi-particle g(9/2) alignment is observed to be significantly delayed in rotational frequency with respect to the heavier Kr isotopes. Such a delay contradicts the predictions of mean field calculations and may be viewed as the first sign of additional correlations in the T = 0 pairing channel.",
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