Band Structure of 68Ge

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The nucleus Ge-68 has been studied by gamma-ray spectroscopy following its population at high spin in the reaction Ca-40(S-32,4p) Ge-68. The reaction channel was selected with the Microball array and gamma rays were detected with the Gammasphere array. The level scheme is very complex, reflecting the many different, and presumably mixed, excitation modes in this nucleus. Nevertheless, there appear to be some simplifications in the spin range above 18 (h) over bar where we have identified a superdeformed band and several terminating bands. The results are compared with a cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky model without pairing.


  • D. Ward
  • C. E. Svensson
  • I. Ragnarsson
  • C. Baktash
  • M. A. Bentley
  • J. A. Cameron
  • M. P. Carpenter
  • R. M. Clark
  • M. Cromaz
  • M. A. Deleplanque
  • M. Devlin
  • R. M. Diamond
  • P. Fallon
  • S. Flibotte
  • A. Galindo-Uribarri
  • D. S. Haslip
  • R. V. F. Janssens
  • T. Lampman
  • G. J. Lane
  • I. Y. Lee
  • F. Lerma
  • A. O. Macchiavelli
  • S. D. Paul
  • D. Radford
  • D. G. Sarantites
  • B. Schaly
  • D. Seweryniak
  • F. S. Stephens
  • O. Thelen
  • K. Vetter
  • J. C. Waddington
  • J. N. Wilson
  • C. H. Yu
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  • Subatomic Physics
Original languageEnglish
Article number014301
JournalPhysical Review C (Nuclear Physics)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2001
Publication categoryResearch

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