Batch Recipe Structuring using High-Level Grafchart

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title = "Batch Recipe Structuring using High-Level Grafchart",
abstract = "The paper presents how object-oriented sequential function charts can be used to implement a batch control recipe management system. Grafchart, a toolbox based on Grafcet, object-oriented programming ideas and High-level Petri nets, is presented. It is shown how the concepts of H-L Grafchart fit the models defined in the forthcoming ISA batch control standard SP88. A simulated batch process cell scenario is presented together with alternative ways of representing control recipes.",
keywords = "Petri nets, Sequential control, Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Batch Control",
author = "Charlotta Johnsson and Karl-Erik {\AA}rz{\'e}n",
year = "1996",
language = "English",
note = "13th IFAC World Congress ; Conference date: 30-06-1996 Through 05-07-1996",