Bibeln på bokmarknaden : ur Karl XII-bibelns editionshistoria

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title = "Bibeln p{\aa} bokmarknaden : ur Karl XII-bibelns editionshistoria",
abstract = "A new translation and edition of the Swedish Bible for the use of churches, by order of the King, was published in a stately folio in Stockholm in 1702-03. This chapter from a collection of essays celebrating the tercentenary of the book, sketches the later publishing history of this Bible version in different formats on the Swedish book market up to the mid-nineteenth century, arguing that the Bible was more widespread than formerly believed.",
keywords = "booktrade - Sweden, Book history, bible printing - Sweden",
author = "Ridderstad, {Per S}",
year = "2005",
language = "svenska",
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editor = "Tord Larsson and Birger Olsson",
booktitle = "Den gamla {\"o}vers{\"a}ttningen : Karl XII:s bibel och dess receptionshistoria : f{\"o}redrag vid en konferens i Lund den 21-25 februari 2003 anordnad av Kungl. Humanistiska Vetenskapssamfundet i Lund",
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