Bullan från Lomma – ett påvligt sigill på villovägar

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title = "Bullan fr{\aa}n Lomma – ett p{\aa}vligt sigill p{\aa} villov{\"a}gar",
abstract = "A papal lead seal, a so called bull, from the pontificate of Eugene III (1145–53) has been found in Scania, southern Sweden. The seal is the oldest known material evidence of contacts between Scandinavia and the Holy See. In this paper the papal seal is presented and discussed in relation to the historical context of the find spot in Lomma, a small community 10 kilometers north of Malm{\"o}. The place is thought to have been of some importance during the 11th and 12th centuries. The authors present a hypothesis about the background of the bull and how it ended up in Lomma.",
keywords = "archaelogy, Papal lead seal, Lomma, history, pontificate of Eugene III",
author = "Magnus Linnarsson and Henrik Klackenberg",
year = "2010",
language = "svenska",
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