Challenges and opportunities for future production of food, feed and biofuel - A land use perspective

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title = "Challenges and opportunities for future production of food, feed and biofuel - A land use perspective",
abstract = "The world is facing of a number of great challenges as the population is growing and living habits are getting more resource demanding. At the same time as food security has to be assured, growth in biofuel and meat production pose a risk for increasing land use conflicts and negative environmental consequences. In this report production of food, feed and biofuels are discussed from a land use perspective. The report provides an overview of available knowledge and critical issues regarding current and future land use in a global perspective. The aims of the report are to identify key issues related to land use and areas in need of further research. In addition the possibility to secure global demand for food in a sustainable way, at the same time as parts of global agriculture areas are used for production of biofuels, is evaluated and discussed. The report suggests that a limited production of first generation biofuels is a viable option in the short/medium term, until second generation biofuels and other technologies become available on the market. Redistribution of agriculture land, development of new and sustainable farming techniques, dietary change and reduction of food losses and waste are identified as available options to reduce future land use pressure. To avoid increasing land use conflicts there is a need for further research, particularly in areas outlined in this report. However it is also emphasised that substantial knowledge of ways to reduce land use conflicts is available, and should be implemented into the society today.",
keywords = "land use, feed, biofuel, food",
author = "Elinor Hallstr{\"o}m and Serina Ahlgren and P{\aa}l B{\"o}rjesson",
year = "2011",
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