Changes in paraurethral connective tissue at menopause are counteracted by estrogen

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OBJECTIVE: To study whether the transition to menopause is accompanied by changes in the paraurethral connective tissue and if these changes are modified by estrogen replacement therapy.

STUDY DESIGN: Biopsies were obtained from the paraurethral tissue from 34 women; 12 menstruating, 14 postmenopausal without estrogen treatment, and 8 with estrogen treatment. Collagen concentration and collagen extractability by pepsin digestion were measured. Proteoglycan composition and concentration were analysed using Alcian blue. The mRNA levels for collagen I and III, the small proteoglycans (PGS) decorin and biglycan, and the large proteoglycan versican, were estimated.

RESULTS: The paraurethral biopsies consisted of fibrous connective tissue, with collagen fibers as dominating structure. Several proteoglycans were identified; versican, heparansulphate proteoglycans, biglycan and decorin. The small proteoglycan decorin represented 85% of all proteoglycans. The collagen concentration was almost doubled in postmenopausal biopsies compared to premenopausal. The collagen fibril organization was also changed with higher cross-linking after menopause whereas the amount and the composition of the proteoglycans were unchanged. The proteoglycan/collagen ratio was significantly decreased. Estrogen replacement therapy resulted in decreased collagen concentration, decreased cross-linking of the collagen and reversal of the PGS/collagen ratio to almost premenopausal level. The therapy resulted in increased levels of mRNA for collagen I and III which suggests that the changes are due to an increased turnover.

CONCLUSION: The decrease in estrogen levels at menopause results in a connective tissue with different qualities after menopause. Estrogen replacement therapy tends to restore the metabolism of the genitourinary connective tissue to premenopausal conditions.


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