Changing pattern of care of boys with haemophilia in western European centres

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title = "Changing pattern of care of boys with haemophilia in western European centres",
abstract = "Haemophilia management is not uniform among countries, even within western Europe, that have close economic, social and cultural relationship. The European Paediatric Network PedNet aims to share experiences in the field of the care of boys with haemophilia. In 1998, a PedNet survey has shown significant disparities in 20 centres from 16 countries, particularly as regards the implementation of prophylaxis regimen. This survey has been updated in 2003 to describe the current status of haemophilia management in 22 centres and the changing pattern of care of boys with severe haemophilia in western Europe. Regular, continuous long-term prophylaxis is provided in all PedNet centres, more than 50% and 80-100% of boys being treated this way in 20/22 and 15/22 centres respectively. Twenty of the 22 centres (91%) recommend continuous prophylaxis (primary or secondary A) for a new patient. The use of recombinant factor VIII concentrates was already widespread in 1998 and a further expansion of recombinant products has been observed over the last 5 years. Recombinant FVIII is now used exclusively in nine centres and for more than 80% of boys with haemophilia A in nine other centres. The use of recombinant and plasma derived FIX is more balanced: among 18 centres where boys with haemophilia B are treated, 14 use recombinant FIX, and nine administer it to a majority of patients. Other modifications of practice have been stressed in this survey, such as more targeted use of central venous devices in the youngest boys and more extensive characterisation of genetic mutations.",
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