Co-fabrication of nickel-YSZ cermet nanofibers via an electrospinning technique

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title = "Co-fabrication of nickel-YSZ cermet nanofibers via an electrospinning technique",
abstract = "Abstract In this study, we co-fabricated the Ni-based nanofibers using an electrospinning technique. The effects of viscosity, applied voltage and distance from needle to the collection plate on the fiber morphology were investigated. The fibers were sintered at temperatures ranging from 350 °C to 1200 °C and the results indicated that the crystallization was completed at 800 °C and the particle size increased with the temperature. The porosity of nanostructure can reach over 50{\%} before reduction of the nickel oxide, which increased firstly with the temperature and then decreased over 800 °C. The nanocrystallization of an anode was helpful to maximize the electrochemical reaction sites for restraining the activation polarization and also to enlarge pores for rapid gas diffusion in fuel cells.",
keywords = "Electrospinning, Ni-YSZ, Crystallization, Viscosity, Porosity",
author = "Tara Larsson and Li, {Ting Shuai} and Min Xu and Ida Fransson and Guangsen Yu and Martin Andersson and Baihai Li and Bengt Sunden",
year = "2017",
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