Community Management of inland Fisheries in India and Bangladesh

Research output: Book/ReportBook


title = "Community Management of inland Fisheries in India and Bangladesh",
abstract = "Inland fisheries have the characteractics of common-pool resources such as joint consumption and subtractability of resource flows. This creates problems of management either by state authorities or private owners. In recent years, community-based fisheries management projects have become widespread in developing countries and shown considerable success. This book deals with community-based fisheries management (CBFM) in Bangladesh and a fisher cooperative (TMS) in Madhya Pradesh, India. It focuses on the impact of community management on efficiency in resource use, well-being of the poor and sustainability of the resource base.It further investiges the role of external agents in promoting sustainable community institutions.",
keywords = "common-pool respources, social capital, NGOs, CBOs",
author = "Alia Ahmad",
year = "2009",
language = "English",
publisher = "Concept Publishing Company, India",