Comparison of serum testosterone and estradiol measurements in 3174 European men using platform immunoassay and mass spectrometry; relevance for the diagnostics in aging men

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Background: The limitations of serum testosterone and estradiol (E-2) measurements using nonextraction platform immunoassays (IAs) are widely recognized. Switching to more specific mass spectrometry (MS)-based methods has been advocated, but directly comparative data on the two methods are scarce. Methods: We compared serum testosterone and E-2 measurements in a large sample of middle-aged/elderly men using a common platform IA and a gas chromatography (GC)-MS method, in order to assess their limitations and advantages, and to diagnose male hypogonadism. Of subjects from the European Male Aging Study (n = 3174; age 40-79 years), peripheral serum testosterone and E-2 were analyzed using established commercial platform IAs (Roche Diagnostics E170) and in-house GC MS methods. Results: Over a broad concentration range, serum testosterone concentration measured by IA and MS showed high correlation (R=0.93, P<0.001), which was less robust in the hypogonadal range (<11 nmol/l; R=0.72, P<0.001). The IA/MS correlation was weaker in E-2 measurements (R=0.32, P<0.001, at E-2 <40.8 pmol/l, and R=0.74, P<0.001, at E-2 >40.8 pmol/l). Using MS as the comparator method, IA ascertained low testosterone compatible with hypogonadism (<11 nmol/l), with 75% sensitivity and 96.3% specificity. The same parameters with IA for the detection of low E-2 (<40.7 pmol/l) were 13.3 and 99.3%, and for high E-2 (>120 pmol/l) 88.4 and 88.6%. Conclusion: A validated platform IA is sufficient to detect subnormal testosterone concentrations in the diagnosis of male hypogonadism. The IA used for E-2 measurements showed poor correlation with MS and may only be suitable for the detection of high E-2 in men.


  • Ilpo T. Huhtaniemi
  • Abdelouahid Tajar
  • David M. Lee
  • Terence W. O'Neill
  • Joseph D. Finn
  • Gyoergy Bartfai
  • Steven Boonen
  • Felipe F. Casanueva
  • Aleksander Giwercman
  • Thang S. Han
  • Krzysztof Kula
  • Fernand Labrie
  • Michael E. J. Lean
  • Neil Pendleton
  • Margus Punab
  • Alan J. Silman
  • Dirk Vanderschueren
  • Gianni Forti
  • Frederick C. W. Wu
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  • Endocrinology and Diabetes
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)983-991
JournalEuropean Journal of Endocrinology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2012
Publication categoryResearch