Constraints on the off-shell Higgs boson signal strength in the high-mass ZZ and WW final states with the ATLAS detector.

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title = "Constraints on the off-shell Higgs boson signal strength in the high-mass ZZ and WW final states with the ATLAS detector.",
abstract = "Measurements of the ZZ and WW final states in the mass range above the [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text] thresholds provide a unique opportunity to measure the off-shell coupling strength of the Higgs boson. This paper presents constraints on the off-shell Higgs boson event yields normalised to the Standard Model prediction (signal strength) in the [Formula: see text], [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text] final states. The result is based on pp collision data collected by the ATLAS experiment at the LHC, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 20.3 fb[Formula: see text] at a collision energy of [Formula: see text] TeV. Using the [Formula: see text] method, the observed 95 [Formula: see text] confidence level (CL) upper limit on the off-shell signal strength is in the range 5.1-8.6, with an expected range of 6.7-11.0. In each case the range is determined by varying the unknown [Formula: see text] and [Formula: see text] background K-factor from higher-order quantum chromodynamics corrections between half and twice the value of the known signal K-factor. Assuming the relevant Higgs boson couplings are independent of the energy scale of the Higgs boson production, a combination with the on-shell measurements yields an observed (expected) 95 [Formula: see text] CL upper limit on [Formula: see text] in the range 4.5-7.5 (6.5-11.2) using the same variations of the background K-factor. Assuming that the unknown [Formula: see text] background K-factor is equal to the signal K-factor, this translates into an observed (expected) 95 [Formula: see text] CL upper limit on the Higgs boson total width of 22.7 (33.0) MeV.",
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Jaekel, {M R} and V Jain and K Jakobs and S Jakobsen and T Jakoubek and J Jakubek and Jamin, {D O} and Jana, {D K} and E Jansen and Jansky, {R W} and J Janssen and M Janus and G{\"o}ran Jarlskog and N Javadov and T Javůrek and L Jeanty and J Jejelava and G-Y Jeng and D Jennens and P Jenni and J Jentzsch and C Jeske and S J{\'e}z{\'e}quel and H Ji and J Jia and Y Jiang and S Jiggins and {Jimenez Pena}, J and S Jin and A Jinaru and O Jinnouchi and Joergensen, {M D} and P Johansson and Johns, {K A} and K Jon-And and G Jones and Jones, {R W L} and Jones, {T J} and J Jongmanns and Jorge, {P M} and Joshi, {K D} and J Jovicevic and X Ju and Jung, {C A} and P Jussel and {Juste Rozas}, A and M Kaci and A Kaczmarska and M Kado and H Kagan and M Kagan and Kahn, {S J} and E Kajomovitz and Kalderon, {C W} and S Kama and A Kamenshchikov and N Kanaya and M Kaneda and S Kaneti and Kantserov, {V A} and J Kanzaki and B Kaplan and A Kapliy and D Kar and K Karakostas and A Karamaoun and N Karastathis and Kareem, {M J} and M Karnevskiy and Karpov, {S N} and Karpova, {Z M} and K Karthik and V Kartvelishvili and Karyukhin, {A N} and L Kashif and Kass, {R D} and A Kastanas and Y Kataoka and A Katre and J Katzy and K Kawagoe and T Kawamoto and G Kawamura and S Kazama and Kazanin, {V F} and Kazarinov, {M Y} and R Keeler and R Kehoe and Keller, {J S} and Kempster, {J J} and H Keoshkerian and O Kepka and Ker{\v s}evan, {B P} and S Kersten and Keyes, {R A} and F Khalil-Zada and H Khandanyan and A Khanov and Kharlamov, {A G} and Khoo, {T J} and V Khovanskiy and E Khramov and J Khubua and Kim, {H Y} and H Kim and Kim, {S H} and Y Kim and N Kimura and Kind, {O M} and King, {B T} and M King and King, {R S B} and King, {S B} and J Kirk and Kiryunin, {A E} and T Kishimoto and D Kisielewska and F Kiss and K Kiuchi and O Kivernyk and E Kladiva and Klein, {M H} and M Klein and U Klein and K Kleinknecht and P Klimek and A Klimentov and R Klingenberg and Klinger, {J A} and T Klioutchnikova and Klok, {P F} and E-E Kluge and P Kluit and S Kluth and E Kneringer and Knoops, {E B F G} and A Knue and D Kobayashi and T Kobayashi and M Kobel and M Kocian and P Kodys and T Koffas and E Koffeman and Kogan, {L A} and S Kohlmann and Z Kohout and T Kohriki and T Koi and H Kolanoski and I Koletsou and Komar, {A A} and Y Komori and T Kondo and N Kondrashova and K K{\"o}neke and K{\"o}nig, {A C} and S K{\"o}nig and T Kono and R Konoplich and N Konstantinidis and R Kopeliansky and S Koperny and L K{\"o}pke and Kopp, {A K} and K Korcyl and K Kordas and A Korn and Korol, {A A} and I Korolkov and Korolkova, {E V} and O Kortner and S Kortner and T Kosek and Kostyukhin, {V V} and Kotov, {V M} and A Kotwal and A Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi and C Kourkoumelis and V Kouskoura and A Koutsman and R Kowalewski and Kowalski, {T Z} and W Kozanecki and Kozhin, {A S} and Kramarenko, {V A} and G Kramberger and D Krasnopevtsev and A Krasznahorkay and Kraus, {J K} and A Kravchenko and S Kreiss and M Kretz and J Kretzschmar and K Kreutzfeldt and P Krieger and K Krizka and K Kroeninger and H Kroha and J Kroll and J Kroseberg and J Krstic and U Kruchonak and H Kr{\"u}ger and N Krumnack and Krumshteyn, {Z V} and A Kruse and Kruse, {M C} and M Kruskal and T Kubota and H Kucuk and S Kuday and S Kuehn and A Kugel and F Kuger and A Kuhl and T Kuhl and V Kukhtin and Y Kulchitsky and S Kuleshov and M Kuna and T Kunigo and A Kupco and H Kurashige and Kurochkin, {Y A} and R Kurumida and V Kus and Kuwertz, {E S} and M Kuze and J Kvita and T Kwan and D Kyriazopoulos and {La Rosa}, A and {La Rosa Navarro}, {J L} and {La Rotonda}, L and C Lacasta and F Lacava and J Lacey and H Lacker and D Lacour and Lacuesta, {V R} and E Ladygin and R Lafaye and B Laforge and T Lagouri and S Lai and L Lambourne and S Lammers and Lampen, {C L} and W Lampl and E Lan{\c c}on and U Landgraf and Landon, {M P J} and Lang, {V S} and Lange, {J C} and Lankford, {A J} and F Lanni and K Lantzsch and S Laplace and C Lapoire and Laporte, {J F} and T Lari and Manghi, {F Lasagni} and M Lassnig and P Laurelli and W Lavrijsen and Law, {A T} and P Laycock and {Le Dortz}, O and {Le Guirriec}, E and {Le Menedeu}, E and M LeBlanc and T LeCompte and F Ledroit-Guillon and Lee, {C A} and Lee, {S C} and L Lee and G Lefebvre and M Lefebvre and F Legger and C Leggett and A Lehan and {Lehmann Miotto}, G and X Lei and Leight, {W A} and A Leisos and Leister, {A G} and Leite, {M A L} and R Leitner and D Lellouch and B Lemmer and Leney, {K J C} and T Lenz and B Lenzi and R Leone and S Leone and C Leonidopoulos and S Leontsinis and C Leroy and Lester, {C G} and M Levchenko and J Lev{\^e}que and D Levin and Levinson, {L J} and M Levy and A Lewis and Leyko, {A M} and M Leyton and B Li and H Li and Li, {H L} and L Li and L Li and S Li and Y Li and Z Liang and H Liao and B Liberti and A Liblong and P Lichard and K Lie and J Liebal and W Liebig and C Limbach and A Limosani and Lin, {S C} and Lin, {T H} and F Linde and Lindquist, {B E} and Linnemann, {J T} and E Lipeles and A Lipniacka and M Lisovyi and Liss, {T M} and D Lissauer and A Lister and Litke, {A M} and B Liu and D Liu and J Liu and Liu, {J B} and K Liu and L Liu and M Liu and M Liu and Y Liu and M Livan and A Lleres and {Llorente Merino}, J and Lloyd, {S L} and {Lo Sterzo}, F and E Lobodzinska and P Loch and Lockman, {W S} and Loebinger, {F K} and Loevschall-Jensen, {A E} and A Loginov and T Lohse and K Lohwasser and M Lokajicek and Long, {B A} and Long, {J D} and Long, {R E} and Looper, {K A} and L Lopes and {Lopez Mateos}, D and {Lopez Paredes}, B and {Lopez Paz}, I and J Lorenz and {Lorenzo Martinez}, N and M Losada and P Loscutoff and L{\"o}sel, {P J} and X Lou and A Lounis and J Love and Love, {P A} and N Lu and Lubatti, {H J} and C Luci and A Lucotte and F Luehring and W Lukas and L Luminari and O Lundberg and B Lund-Jensen and M Lungwitz and D Lynn and R Lysak and Else Lytken and H Ma and Ma, {L L} and G Maccarrone and A Macchiolo and Macdonald, {C M} and {Machado Miguens}, J and D Macina and D Madaffari and R Madar and Maddocks, {H J} and Mader, {W F} and A Madsen and S Maeland and T Maeno and A Maevskiy and E Magradze and K Mahboubi and J Mahlstedt and C Maiani and C Maidantchik and Maier, {A A} and T Maier and A Maio and S Majewski and Y Makida and N Makovec and B Malaescu and Pa Malecki and Maleev, {V P} and F Malek and U Mallik and D Malon and C Malone and S Maltezos and Malyshev, {V M} and S Malyukov and J Mamuzic and G Mancini and B Mandelli and L Mandelli and I Mandi{\'c} and R Mandrysch and J Maneira and A Manfredini and {Manhaes de Andrade Filho}, L and {Manjarres Ramos}, J and A Mann and Manning, {P M} and A Manousakis-Katsikakis and B Mansoulie and R Mantifel and M Mantoani and L Mapelli and L March and G Marchiori and M Marcisovsky and Marino, {C P} and M Marjanovic and F Marroquim and Marsden, {S P} and Z Marshall and Marti, {L F} and S Marti-Garcia and B Martin and Martin, {T A} and Martin, {V J} and {Martin Dit Latour}, B and M Martinez and S Martin-Haugh and Martoiu, {V S} and Martyniuk, {A C} and M Marx and F Marzano and A Marzin and L Masetti and T Mashimo and R Mashinistov and J Masik and Maslennikov, {A L} and I Massa and L Massa and N Massol and P Mastrandrea and A Mastroberardino and T Masubuchi and P M{\"a}ttig and J Mattmann and J Maurer and Maxfield, {S J} and Maximov, {D A} and R Mazini and Mazza, {S M} and L Mazzaferro and {Mc Goldrick}, G and {Mc Kee}, {S P} and A McCarn and McCarthy, {R L} and McCarthy, {T G} and McCubbin, {N A} and McFarlane, {K W} and Mcfayden, {J A} and G Mchedlidze and McMahon, {S J} and McPherson, {R A} and M Medinnis and S Meehan and S Mehlhase and A Mehta and K Meier and C Meineck and B Meirose and {Mellado Garcia}, {B R} and F Meloni and A Mengarelli and S Menke and E Meoni and Mercurio, {K M} and S Mergelmeyer and P Mermod and L Merola and C Meroni and Merritt, {F S} and A Messina and J Metcalfe and Mete, {A S} and C Meyer and C Meyer and J-P Meyer and J Meyer and Middleton, {R P} and S Miglioranzi and L Mijovi{\'c} and G Mikenberg and M Mikestikova and M Miku{\v z} and M Milesi and A Milic and Miller, {D W} and C Mills and A Milov and Milstead, {D A} and Minaenko, {A A} and Y Minami and Minashvili, {I A} and Mincer, {A I} and B Mindur and M Mineev and Y Ming and Mir, {L M} and T Mitani and J Mitrevski and Mitsou, {V A} and A Miucci and Miyagawa, {P S} and Ulf Mj{\"o}rnmark and T Moa and K Mochizuki and S Mohapatra and W Mohr and S Molander and R Moles-Valls and K M{\"o}nig and C Monini and J Monk and E Monnier and {Montejo Berlingen}, J and F Monticelli and S Monzani and Moore, {R W} and N Morange and D Moreno and {Moreno Ll{\'a}cer}, M and P Morettini and M Morgenstern and M Morii and V Morisbak and S Moritz and Morley, {A K} and G Mornacchi and Morris, {J D} and Mortensen, {S S} and A Morton and L Morvaj and M Mosidze and J Moss and K Motohashi and R Mount and E Mountricha and Mouraviev, {S V} and Moyse, {E J W} and S Muanza and Mudd, {R D} and F Mueller and J Mueller and K Mueller and Mueller, {R S P} and T Mueller and D Muenstermann and P Mullen and Y Munwes and {Murillo Quijada}, {J A} and Murray, {W J} and H Musheghyan and E Musto and Myagkov, {A G} and M Myska and O Nackenhorst and J Nadal and K Nagai and R Nagai and Y Nagai and K Nagano and A Nagarkar and Y Nagasaka and K Nagata and M Nagel and E Nagy and Nairz, {A M} and Y Nakahama and K Nakamura and T Nakamura and I Nakano and H Namasivayam and {Naranjo Garcia}, {R F} and R Narayan and T Naumann and G Navarro and R Nayyar and Neal, {H A} and Nechaeva, {P Yu} and Neep, {T J} and Nef, {P D} and A Negri and M Negrini and S Nektarijevic and C Nellist and A Nelson and S Nemecek and P Nemethy and Nepomuceno, {A A} and M Nessi and Neubauer, {M S} and M Neumann and Neves, {R M} and P Nevski and Newman, {P R} and Nguyen, {D H} and Nickerson, {R B} and R Nicolaidou and B Nicquevert and J Nielsen and N Nikiforou and A Nikiforov and V Nikolaenko and I Nikolic-Audit and K Nikolopoulos and Nilsen, {J K} and P Nilsson and Y Ninomiya and A Nisati and R Nisius and T Nobe and M Nomachi and I Nomidis and T Nooney and S Norberg and M Nordberg and O Novgorodova and S Nowak and M Nozaki and L Nozka and K Ntekas and {Nunes Hanninger}, G and T Nunnemann and E Nurse and F Nuti and O'Brien, {B J} and F O'grady and O'Neil, {D C} and V O'Shea and Oakham, {F G} and H Oberlack and T Obermann and J Ocariz and A Ochi and I Ochoa and Ochoa-Ricoux, {J P} and S Oda and S Odaka and H Ogren and A Oh and Oh, {S H} and Ohm, {C C} and H Ohman and H Oide and W Okamura and H Okawa and Y Okumura and T Okuyama and A Olariu and {Olivares Pino}, {S A} and {Oliveira Damazio}, D and {Oliver Garcia}, E and A Olszewski and J Olszowska and A Onofre and Onyisi, {P U E} and Oram, {C J} and Oreglia, {M J} and Y Oren and D Orestano and N Orlando and {Oropeza Barrera}, C and Orr, {R S} and B Osculati and R Ospanov and {Otero Y Garzon}, G and H Otono and M Ouchrif and Ouellette, {E A} and F Ould-Saada and A Ouraou and Oussoren, {K P} and Q Ouyang and A Ovcharova and M Owen and Owen, {R E} and Ozcan, {V E} and N Ozturk and K Pachal and {Pacheco Pages}, A and {Padilla Aranda}, C and M Pag{\'a}{\v c}ov{\'a} and {Pagan Griso}, S and E Paganis and C Pahl and F Paige and P Pais and K Pajchel and G Palacino and S Palestini and M Palka and D Pallin and A Palma and Pan, {Y B} and E Panagiotopoulou and Pandini, {C E} and {Panduro Vazquez}, {J G} and P Pani and S Panitkin and D Pantea and L Paolozzi and Papadopoulou, {Th D} and K Papageorgiou and A Paramonov and {Paredes Hernandez}, D and Parker, {M A} and Parker, {K A} and F Parodi and Parsons, {J A} and U Parzefall and E Pasqualucci and S Passaggio and F Pastore and Fr Pastore and G P{\'a}sztor and S Pataraia and Patel, {N D} and Pater, {J R} and T Pauly and J Pearce and B Pearson and Pedersen, {L E} and M Pedersen and Lopez, {S Pedraza} and R Pedro and Peleganchuk, {S V} and D Pelikan and H Peng and B Penning and J Penwell and Perepelitsa, {D V} and {Perez Codina}, E and {P{\'e}rez Garc{\'i}a-Esta{\~n}}, {M T} and L Perini and H Pernegger and S Perrella and R Peschke and Peshekhonov, {V D} and K Peters and Peters, {R F Y} and Petersen, {B A} and Petersen, {T C} and E Petit and A Petridis and C Petridou and E Petrolo and F Petrucci and Pettersson, {N E} and R Pezoa and Phillips, {P W} and G Piacquadio and E Pianori and A Picazio and E Piccaro and M Piccinini and Pickering, {M A} and R Piegaia and Pignotti, {D T} and Pilcher, {J E} and Pilkington, {A D} and J Pina and M Pinamonti and Pinfold, {J L} and A Pingel and B Pinto and S Pires and M Pitt and C Pizio and L Plazak and M-A Pleier and V Pleskot and E Plotnikova and P Plucinski and D Pluth and R Poettgen and L Poggioli and D Pohl and G Polesello and A Policicchio and R Polifka and A Polini and Pollard, {C S} and V Polychronakos and K Pomm{\`e}s and L Pontecorvo and Pope, {B G} and Popeneciu, {G A} and Popovic, {D S} and A Poppleton and S Pospisil and K Potamianos and Potrap, {I N} and Potter, {C J} and Potter, {C T} and G Poulard and J Poveda and V Pozdnyakov and P Pralavorio and A Pranko and S Prasad and S Prell and D Price and J Price and Price, {L E} and M Primavera and S Prince and M Proissl and K Prokofiev and F Prokoshin and E Protopapadaki and S Protopopescu and J Proudfoot and M Przybycien and E Ptacek and D Puddu and E Pueschel and D Puldon and M Purohit and P Puzo and J Qian and G Qin and Y Qin and A Quadt and Quarrie, {D R} and Quayle, {W B} and M Queitsch-Maitland and D Quilty and S Raddum and V Radeka and V Radescu and Radhakrishnan, {S K} and P Radloff and P Rados and F Ragusa and G Rahal and S Rajagopalan and M Rammensee and C Rangel-Smith and F Rauscher and S Rave and T Ravenscroft and M Raymond and Read, {A L} and Readioff, {N P} and Rebuzzi, {D M} and A Redelbach and G Redlinger and R Reece and K Reeves and L Rehnisch and H Reisin and M Relich and C Rembser and H Ren and A Renaud and M Rescigno and S Resconi and Rezanova, {O L} and P Reznicek and R Rezvani and R Richter and S Richter and E Richter-Was and O Ricken and M Ridel and P Rieck and Riegel, {C J} and J Rieger and M Rijssenbeek and A Rimoldi and L Rinaldi and B Risti{\'c} and E Ritsch and I Riu and F Rizatdinova and E Rizvi and Robertson, {S H} and A Robichaud-Veronneau and D Robinson and Robinson, {J E M} and A Robson and C Roda and S Roe and O R{\o}hne and S Rolli and A Romaniouk and M Romano and Saez, {S M Romano} and {Romero Adam}, E and N Rompotis and M Ronzani and L Roos and E Ros and S Rosati and K Rosbach and P Rose and Rosendahl, {P L} and O Rosenthal and V Rossetti and E Rossi and Rossi, {L P} and R Rosten and M Rotaru and I Roth and J Rothberg and D Rousseau and Royon, {C R} and A Rozanov and Y Rozen and X Ruan and F Rubbo and I Rubinskiy and Rud, {V I} and C Rudolph and Rudolph, {M S} and F R{\"u}hr and A Ruiz-Martinez and Z Rurikova and Rusakovich, {N A} and A Ruschke and Russell, {H L} and Rutherfoord, {J P} and N Ruthmann and Ryabov, {Y F} and M Rybar and G Rybkin and Ryder, {N C} and Saavedra, {A F} and G Sabato and S Sacerdoti and A Saddique and Sadrozinski, {H F-W} and R Sadykov and {Safai Tehrani}, F and M Saimpert and H Sakamoto and Y Sakurai and G Salamanna and A Salamon and M Saleem and D Salek and {Sales De Bruin}, {P H} and D Salihagic and A Salnikov and J Salt and D Salvatore and F Salvatore and A Salvucci and A Salzburger and D Sampsonidis and A Sanchez and J S{\'a}nchez and {Sanchez Martinez}, V and H Sandaker and Sandbach, {R L} and Sander, {H G} and Sanders, {M P} and M Sandhoff and C Sandoval and R Sandstroem and Sankey, {D P C} and M Sannino and A Sansoni and C Santoni and R Santonico and H Santos and {Santoyo Castillo}, I and K Sapp and A Sapronov and Saraiva, {J G} and B Sarrazin and O Sasaki and Y Sasaki and K Sato and G Sauvage and E Sauvan and G Savage and P Savard and C Sawyer and L Sawyer and J Saxon and C Sbarra and A Sbrizzi and T Scanlon and Scannicchio, {D A} and M Scarcella and V Scarfone and J Schaarschmidt and P Schacht and D Schaefer and R Schaefer and J Schaeffer and S Schaepe and S Schaetzel and U Sch{\"a}fer and Schaffer, {A C} and D Schaile and Schamberger, {R D} and V Scharf and Schegelsky, {V A} and D Scheirich and M Schernau and C Schiavi and C Schillo and M Schioppa and S Schlenker and E Schmidt and K Schmieden and C Schmitt and S Schmitt and S Schmitt and B Schneider and Schnellbach, {Y J} and U Schnoor and L Schoeffel and A Schoening and Schoenrock, {B D} and E Schopf and Schorlemmer, {A L S} and M Schott and D Schouten and J Schovancova and S Schramm and M Schreyer and C Schroeder and N Schuh and Schultens, {M J} and H-C Schultz-Coulon and H Schulz and M Schumacher and Schumm, {B A} and Ph Schune and C Schwanenberger and A Schwartzman and Schwarz, {T A} and Ph Schwegler and Ph Schwemling and R Schwienhorst and J Schwindling and T Schwindt and M Schwoerer and Sciacca, {F G} and E Scifo and G Sciolla and F Scuri and F Scutti and J Searcy and G Sedov and E Sedykh and P Seema and Seidel, {S C} and A Seiden and F Seifert and Seixas, {J M} and G Sekhniaidze and Sekula, {S J} and Selbach, {K E} and Seliverstov, {D M} and N Semprini-Cesari and C Serfon and L Serin and L Serkin and T Serre and R Seuster and H Severini and T Sfiligoj and F Sforza and A Sfyrla and E Shabalina and M Shamim and Shan, {L Y} and R Shang and Shank, {J T} and M Shapiro and Shatalov, {P B} and K Shaw and A Shcherbakova and Shehu, {C Y} and P Sherwood and L Shi and S Shimizu and Shimmin, {C O} and M Shimojima and M Shiyakova and A Shmeleva and Saadi, {D Shoaleh} and Shochet, {M J} and S Shojaii and S Shrestha and E Shulga and Shupe, {M A} and S Shushkevich and P Sicho and O Sidiropoulou and D Sidorov and A Sidoti and F Siegert and Dj Sijacki and J Silva and Y Silver and Silverstein, {S B} and V Simak and O Simard and Lj Simic and S Simion and E Simioni and B Simmons and D Simon and R Simoniello and P Sinervo and Sinev, {N B} and G Siragusa and Sisakyan, {A N} and Sivoklokov, {S Yu} and J Sj{\"o}lin and Sjursen, {T B} and Skinner, {M B} and Skottowe, {H P} and P Skubic and M Slater and T Slavicek and M Slawinska and K Sliwa and V Smakhtin and Smart, {B H} and L Smestad and Smirnov, {S Yu} and Y Smirnov and Smirnova, {L N} and Oxana Smirnova and Smith, {M N K} and M Smizanska and K Smolek and Snesarev, {A A} and G Snidero and S Snyder and R Sobie and F Socher and A Soffer and Soh, {D A} and Solans, {C A} and M Solar and J Solc and Soldatov, {E Yu} and U Soldevila and Solodkov, {A A} and A Soloshenko and Solovyanov, {O V} and V Solovyev and P Sommer and Song, {H Y} and N Soni and A Sood and A Sopczak and B Sopko and V Sopko and V Sorin and D Sosa and M Sosebee and Sotiropoulou, {C L} and R Soualah and P Soueid and Soukharev, {A M} and D South and S Spagnolo and M Spalla and F Span{\`o} and Spearman, {W R} and F Spettel and R Spighi and G Spigo and Spiller, {L A} and M Spousta and T Spreitzer and Denis, {R D St} and S Staerz and J Stahlman and R Stamen and S Stamm and E Stanecka and C Stanescu and M Stanescu-Bellu and Stanitzki, {M M} and S Stapnes and Starchenko, {E A} and J Stark and P Staroba and P Starovoitov and R Staszewski and P Stavina and P Steinberg and B Stelzer and Stelzer, {H J} and O Stelzer-Chilton and H Stenzel and S Stern and Stewart, {G A} and Stillings, {J A} and Stockton, {M C} and M Stoebe and G Stoicea and P Stolte and S Stonjek and Stradling, {A R} and A Straessner and Stramaglia, {M E} and J Strandberg and S Strandberg and A Strandlie and E Strauss and M Strauss and P Strizenec and R Str{\"o}hmer and Strom, {D M} and R Stroynowski and A Strubig and Stucci, {S A} and B Stugu and Styles, {N A} and D Su and J Su and R Subramaniam and A Succurro and Y Sugaya and C Suhr and M Suk and Sulin, {V V} and S Sultansoy and T Sumida and S Sun and X Sun and Sundermann, {J E} and K Suruliz and G Susinno and Sutton, {M R} and S Suzuki and Y Suzuki and M Svatos and S Swedish and M Swiatlowski and I Sykora and T Sykora and D Ta and C Taccini and K Tackmann and J Taenzer and A Taffard and R Tafirout and N Taiblum and H Takai and R Takashima and H Takeda and T Takeshita and Y Takubo and M Talby and Talyshev, {A A} and Tam, {J Y C} and Tan, {K G} and J Tanaka and R Tanaka and S Tanaka and S Tanaka and Tannenwald, {B B} and N Tannoury and S Tapprogge and S Tarem and F Tarrade and Tartarelli, {G F} and P Tas and M Tasevsky and T Tashiro and E Tassi and {Tavares Delgado}, A and Y Tayalati and Taylor, {F E} and Taylor, {G N} and W Taylor and Teischinger, {F A} and {Teixeira Dias Castanheira}, M and P Teixeira-Dias and Temming, {K K} and {Ten Kate}, H and Teng, {P K} and Teoh, {J J} and F Tepel and S Terada and K Terashi and J Terron and S Terzo and M Testa and Teuscher, {R J} and J Therhaag and T Theveneaux-Pelzer and Thomas, {J P} and J Thomas-Wilsker and Thompson, {E N} and Thompson, {P D} and Thompson, {R J} and Thompson, {A S} and Thomsen, {L A} and E Thomson and M Thomson and Thun, 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