Contribution of Antibody-based Protein Profiling to the Human Chromosome-centric Proteome Project (C-HPP)

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title = "Contribution of Antibody-based Protein Profiling to the Human Chromosome-centric Proteome Project (C-HPP)",
abstract = "A gene-centric Human Proteome Project has been proposed to characterize the human protein-coding genes in a chromosome-centered manner to understand human biology and disease. Here, we report on the protein evidence for all genes predicted from the genome sequence based on manual annotation from literature (UniProt), antibody-based profiling in cells, tissues and organs and analysis of the transcript profiles using next generation sequencing in human cell lines of different origins. We estimate that there is good evidence for protein existence for 69% (n = 13985) of the human protein-coding genes, while 23% have only evidence on the RNA level and 7% still lack experimental evidence. Analysis of the expression patterns shows few regards to protein evidence is visualized in a chromosome-centric manner as part of a new version of the Human Protein Atlas (",
keywords = "Antibody-based protein profiling, C-HPP",
author = "Linn Fagerberg and Per Oksvold and Marie Skogs and Cajsa Algenas and Emma Lundberg and Fredrik Ponten and Asa Sivertsson and Jacob Odeberg and Daniel Klevebring and Caroline Kampf and Anna Asplund and Evelina Sjostedt and Szigyarto, {Cristina Al-Khalili} and Per-Henrik Edqvist and IngMarie Olsson and Urban Rydberg and Paul Hudson and Takanen, {Jenny Ottosson} and Holger Berling and Lisa Bjorling and Hanna Tegel and Johan Rockberg and Peter Nilsson and Sanjay Navani and Karin Jirstr{\"o}m and Jan Mulder and Schwenk, {Jochen M.} and Martin Zwahlen and Sophia Hober and Mattias Forsberg and {von Feilitzen}, Kalle and Mathias Uhlen",
note = "The information about affiliations in this record was updated in December 2015. The record was previously connected to the following departments: Pathology, (Lund) (013030000)",
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