Control-theoretical load-balancing for cloud applications with brownout

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title = "Control-theoretical load-balancing for cloud applications with brownout",
abstract = "Cloud applications are often subject to unexpected events like flash crowds and hardware failures. Without a predictable behaviour, users may abandon an unresponsive application. This problem has been partially solved on two separate fronts: first, by adding a self-adaptive feature called brownout inside cloud applications to bound response times by modulating user experience, and, second, by introducing replicas -- copies of the applications having the same functionalities -- for redundancy and adding a load-balancer to direct incoming traffic. However, existing load-balancing strategies interfere with brownout self-adaptivity. Load-balancers are often based on response times, that are already controlled by the self-adaptive features of the application, hence they are not a good indicator of how well a replica is performing. In this paper, we present novel load-balancing strategies, specifically designed to support brownout applications. They base their decision not on response time, but on user experience degradation. We implemented our strategies in a self-adaptive application simulator, together with some state-of-the-art solutions. Results obtained in multiple scenarios show that the proposed strategies bring significant improvements when compared to the state-of-the-art ones.",
author = "Jonas D{\"u}rango and Manfred Dellkrantz and Martina Maggio and Cristian Klein and Papadopoulos, {Alessandro Vittorio} and Francisco Hern{\'a}ndez-Rodriguez and Erik Elmroth and Karl-Erik {\AA}rz{\'e}n",
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