Cooperation, framing, and political attitudes

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title = "Cooperation, framing, and political attitudes",
abstract = "This paper shows that political attitudes are linked to cooperative behavior in an incentivized experiment with a large sample randomly drawn from the Danish population. However, this relationship depends on the way the experiment is framed. In the standard game in which subjects give to a public good, contributions are not linked to political attitudes. In an economically equivalent version, in which subjects take from a public good, left-wingers cooperate significantly more than subjects to the right of the political spectrum. This difference is to some extent caused by differences in beliefs and cooperation preferences but a substantial part is left unexplained, indicating that left wingers find cooperating under this institution more attractive than right wingers do.",
keywords = "Cooperation, Experiment, Political ideology, Simulation, Social dilemma",
author = "Fosgaard, {Toke R.} and Hansen, {Lars G.} and Erik Wengstr{\"o}m",
year = "2019",
doi = "10.1016/j.jebo.2018.12.010",
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journal = "Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization",
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