Co-performing tourism places: The "Pink Night" festival

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title = "Co-performing tourism places: The {"}Pink Night{"} festival",
abstract = "This paper adopts an ecological perspective to analyze the practices and processes inherent in encounters between residents and tourists. The study contributes to the literature on performance and performativity, seen as a novel theoretical approach in tourism studies, by proposing the concept of performative field, which enables a holistic and ecological consideration of the performances and relationships in tourism. This is in contrast with the binary logic emerging from the available studies, where confrontation between “hosts” and “guests” as two well-distinguished performative forces appears to be the norm. The study draws on non-representational theories and illustrates its arguments through an investigation of the “Pink Night” (La Notte Rosa), an annual festival staged along the Romagna coastal region – a most renowned Italian mass-tourism destination.",
keywords = "performativity, performance, embodiment, inclusive ecology, non-representational, festival",
author = "Massimo Giovanardi and Andrea Lucarelli and {L'Espoir Decosta}, Patrick",
year = "2014",
month = jan,
doi = "10.1016/j.annals.2013.09.004",
language = "English",
volume = "44",
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