Core-coupled States and Split Proton-neutron Quasiparticle Multiplets in 122-126Ag

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Neutron-rich silver isotopes were populated in the fragmentation of a Xe-136 beam and the relativistic fission of U-238. The fragments were mass analyzed with the GSI Fragment Separator and subsequently implanted into a passive stopper. Isomeric transitions were detected by 105 high-purity germanium detectors. Eight isomeric states were observed in Ag122-126 nuclei. The level schemes of Ag-122,Ag-123,Ag-125 were revised and extended with isomeric transitions being observed for the first time. The excited states in the odd-mass silver isotopes are interpreted as core-coupled states. The isomeric states in the even-mass silver isotopes are discussed in the framework of the proton-neutron split multiplets. The results of shell-model calculations, performed for the most neutron-rich silver nuclei are compared to the experimental data. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.87.034308


  • S. Lalkovski
  • A. M. Bruce
  • A. Jungclaus
  • M. Gorska
  • M. Pfuetzner
  • L. Caceres
  • F. Naqvi
  • S. Pietri
  • Zs. Podolyak
  • G. S. Simpson
  • K. Andgren
  • P. Bednarczyk
  • T. Beck
  • J. Benlliure
  • G. Benzoni
  • E. Casarejos
  • B. Cederwall
  • F. C. L. Crespi
  • J. J. Cuenca-Garcia
  • I. J. Cullen
  • A. M. Denis Bacelar
  • P. Detistov
  • P. Doornenbal
  • G. F. Farrelly
  • A. B. Garnsworthy
  • H. Geissel
  • W. Gelletly
  • J. Gerl
  • J. Grebosz
  • B. Hadinia
  • C. Hinke
  • Robert Hoischen
  • G. Ilie
  • G. Jaworski
  • J. Jolie
  • A. Khaplanov
  • S. Kisyov
  • M. Kmiecik
  • I. Kojouharov
  • R. Kumar
  • N. Kurz
  • A. Maj
  • S. Mandal
  • V. Modamio
  • F. Montes
  • S. Myalski
  • M. Palacz
  • W. Prokopowicz
  • P. Reiter
  • P. H. Regan
  • H. Schaffner
  • D. Sohler
  • S. J. Steer
  • S. Tashenov
  • J. Walker
  • P. M. Walker
  • H. Weick
  • E. Werner-Malento
  • O. Wieland
  • H. J. Wollersheim
  • M. Zhekova
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  • Subatomic Physics
Original languageEnglish
Article number034308
JournalPhysical Review C (Nuclear Physics)
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Publication categoryResearch

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