Cross-national and multi-language qualitative research: challenges and recommendations

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title = "Cross-national and multi-language qualitative research: challenges and recommendations",
abstract = "Interest in cross-national partnership is increasing in Europe, a situation very much reflected in calls for funding. Multi-language qualitative research methodologies need to be strengthened in order to support this growing trend toward the promotion of cross-national collaboration. This practice analysis reports on our experience of carrying out cross-national and multi-language based qualitative research. Based on this, we recommend taking into account the potential challenges of language and national culture from the planning phase onwards, handling them in a structured, predefined way throughout the research process and using software to assist with the challenges brought about in a multi-language environment.",
keywords = "Analysis, occupational therapy, research design, software",
author = "Maria Haak and Ines Himmelsbach and Marianne Granbom and Charlotte L{\"o}fqvist",
year = "2013",
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