Decay Study of 246Fm at SHIP

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title = "Decay Study of 246Fm at SHIP",
abstract = "The decay chain of Fm-246 has been investigated employing the SHIP separator at GSI Darmstadt. The Fm-246 nuclei were produced via the Ar-40(Pb-208, 2n)Fm-246 fusion-evaporation reaction. Improved values of the half-life, T-1/2 = 1.54(4) s, and of the spontaneous fission branching ratio, b(SF) = 0.068(6), of Fm-246 were obtained. The beta(+)/electron capture branching ratio, b(EC) = 0.39(3), of Cf-242 was deduced. Possible structures of high-K states in Fm-246 are discussed within the framework of a model calculation based on the Woods-Saxon potential.",
author = "M. Venhart and Hessberger, {F. P.} and D. Ackermann and S. Antalic and C. Gray-Jones and Greenlees, {P. T.} and S. Heinz and Herzberg, {R. -D.} and S. Hofmann and S. Ketelhut and B. Kindler and I. Kojouharov and M. Leino and B. Lommel and R. Mann and P. Papadakis and D. Rostron and Dirk Rudolph and S. Saro and B. Sulignano",
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doi = "10.1140/epja/i2011-11020-9",
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