Discourse Analysis —A Critical or Relativistic Perspective in Music Education?

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title = "Discourse Analysis —A Critical or Relativistic Perspective in Music Education?",
abstract = "The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problems I have encountered under the development of the theoretical perspective of my thesis. First, discourse analysis is founded in social constructionism and post-structuralistic theory. Second, discourse analysis is a concept including different perspectives, where both more critical approaches with focus on discourses as determining and more relativistic approaches with focus on the actor and language appear. With the critical approach there is an epistemological possibility, a claim of knowledge. That would be unacceptable in relativistic discourse analysis where pluralism is a keyword and every stake is equal. Does a relativistic study add anything of value or is a critical approach most fruitful? I find it interesting to discuss consequences for a study from both a critical and a relativistic perspective. Furthermore, it is challenging to try to merge the two approaches.",
author = "Kristina Holmberg",
year = "2007",
language = "English",
note = "The use and development of theories in music education research ; Conference date: 01-02-2007",