Earnings and Disposable Income of Farmers in Sweden, 1997-2012

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title = "Earnings and Disposable Income of Farmers in Sweden, 1997-2012",
abstract = "This study presents a comprehensive analysis of farmers' income in Sweden. The results indicate that farm households in Sweden do well from a standard-of-living perspective, but that farming is still a low-paid occupation from a return-on-skills perspective. Nevertheless, farm earnings increased faster over the study period than earnings in the general population, owing equally to higher farm earnings for operators and higher off-farm earnings for their spouse. Since few female spouses make farm earnings, evaluating farm household earnings from mainly a household perspective fails to acknowledge the individual careers of farmer and spouse.",
keywords = "disposable income, Farm income, Gini, inequality, off-farm income, poverty.",
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year = "2019",
doi = "10.1093/aepp/ppy005",
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