Efficient Hardware Implementations of Grain-128AEAD

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title = "Efficient Hardware Implementations of Grain-128AEAD",
abstract = "We implement the Grain-128AEAD stream cipher in hardware, using a 65 nm library. By exploring different optimization techniques, both at RTL level but also during synthesis, we first target high throughput, then low power. We reach over 33 GB/s targeting a high-speed design, at expense of power and area. We also show that, when targeting low power, the design only requires 0.23 $${\upmu }$$W running at 100 kHz. By unrolling the design, the energy consumed when encrypting a fixed length message decreases, making the 64 parallelized version the most energy efficient implementation, requiring only 11.2 nJ when encrypting a 64 kbit message. At the same time, the best throughput/power ratio is achieved at a parallelization of 4.",
keywords = "ASIC, Grain, Hardware design, NIST, Stream cipher",
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