Emission of Intermediate Mass Fragments Using Gamma-spectroscopic Techniques

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title = "Emission of Intermediate Mass Fragments Using Gamma-spectroscopic Techniques",
abstract = "Intermediate mass fragments (IMF) and light particles emitted from the Ni-58 + Ni-58 reaction at a beam energy of 375 MeV have been studied. The fragments and light particles were measured in coincidence with 4 pi gamma-ray spectrometer. The Z=6 (C) kinetic energy spectra and the distribution of the final nuclei in coincidence with the emitted C are well described by Hauser-Feshbach calculations extended to many channels. A detailed study of C-Psi and 3 alpha-gamma correlations indicate a strong selectivity of the IMF decay. Our results indicate that the IMF can populate nuclei that are not accessible via multiple light particle (Z<3) emission and, thus, are useful for nuclear structure studies.",
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