Evidence for an Isomeric 3/2- State in 53Co

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title = "Evidence for an Isomeric 3/2- State in 53Co",
abstract = "The fragmentation of a 550MeV/u primary beam of Ni-58 on a Be-9 target has been used to measure time-and energy-correlated gamma decays following the implantation of event-by-event discriminated secondary fragments into a Be-9 stopper plate. A new isomeric gamma decay with T-1/2 = 14(6 4) ns and E-gamma = 646.2(2) keV is observed and attributed to the decay of the yrast 3/2-state in Co-53(27)26. This short-lived isomeric state has been populated by means of nuclear reactions during the stopping process of the secondary fragments. The experimental findings are discussed in the framework of large-scale spherical shell model calculations in conjunction with isospin symmetry-breaking residual interactions for the A = 53, Tz = +/- 1/2 mirror nuclei Co-53 and Fe-53.",
author = "Dirk Rudolph and Robert Hoischen and Margareta Hellstr{\"o}m and S Pietri and Zs Podolyak and Regan, {P H} and Garnsworthy, {A B} and Steer, {S J} and F Becker and P Bednarczyk and L Caceres and P Doornenbal and J Gerl and M Gorska and J Grebosz and I Kojouharov and N Kurz and W Prokopowicz and H Schaffner and Wollersheim, {H J} and Lise-Lotte Andersson and L Atanasova and Balabanski, {D L} and Bentley, {M A} and A Blazhev and C Brandau and Brown, {J R} and Claes Fahlander and Emma Johansson and A Jungclaus",
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