Facilitating Learning through an international virtual collaborative practice: A case study

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title = "Facilitating Learning through an international virtual collaborative practice: A case study",
abstract = "BackgroundInternationalisation of higher education involving information and communication technology such as e-learning opens opportunities for innovative learning approaches across nations and cultures.ObjectivesDescribe a case in practice of collaborative and transformative learning in relation to {\textquoteleft}internationalisation on home grounds{\textquoteright} with the broader learning objective of {\textquoteleft}becoming aware and knowledgeable{\textquoteright}.DesignA mutually developed project established a virtual international collaborative exchange for faculty and students using a course management software (MOODLE) and open access technology (Adobe CONNECT).SettingsTwo research universities in Sweden and the United States.ParticipantsApproximately 90 nursing students from each university per semester over several semesters.MethodsA collaborative process to develop a joint learning community to construct a virtual module and learning activity involving academics and nursing students in two countries using principles of meaning construction and negotiated learning.ResultsDeveloped possibilities for dealing with the challenges and finding strategies for a future higher education system that opens dialogues worldwide.ConclusionsVirtual international exchanges open innovative communication and learning contexts across nations and cultures. Internationalisation is so much more than students and teachers' mobility. {\textquoteleft}Internationalisation on home grounds{\textquoteright} (internationalisation for all) should receive more attention to support faculty and student collaboration, learning, and professional development.",
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