Failure sensitivity analysis of engineering structures

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title = "Failure sensitivity analysis of engineering structures",
abstract = "The present paper suggests a method to consider uncertainties in engineering structures in a computational scheme. Latin hypercube sampling is used to prepare input data of probabilistic parameters for subsequent deterministic simulations where the mechanical response is evaluated. The approach is applied on a pallet rack system where damaged columns and connector stiffnesses are considered as probabilistic parameters. The mechanical simulations are performed with the finite element method, and full advantage is taken of existing commercial code.",
keywords = "Finite element method, Sensitivity analysis, Pallet rack, Latin hypercube sampling, Probabilistic parameters, Uncertainties",
author = "G{\"o}ran Sandberg and Anders Olsson",
year = "1999",
doi = "10.1016/S0045-7949(98)00334-4",
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