Fast solvers for thermal fluid structure interaction

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title = "Fast solvers for thermal fluid structure interaction",
abstract = "We consider thermal fluid structure interaction to model industrial gas quenching in steel forging, where hot steel Is cooled using cold high pressured gas. This allows to define properties of the finished steel part, as for example yield strength, locally at low cost and without environmental problems. For the numerical simulation, a partitioned approach via a Dirichlet-Neumann coupling and a fixed point iteration is employed. In time, previously developede fficient time adaptive higher order time integration schemes are used. The respective models are the compressible Navier-Stokes equations and the nonlinear heate quation, where the parameter functions are obtained from measurements on a specific steel. Here, the use of different vector extrapolation methods for convergence acceleration techniques of the fixed point iteration is analyzed. Inparticular, Aitkenrelaxation, mini-malpolynomial extrapolation (MPE) and reduced rank extrapolation (RRE) are consid-ered.",
keywords = "Fixed pointmethods,Partitioned coupling,Thermal fluid structure interaction,Vector extrapolation",
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year = "2013",
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