Faster acquisition of laparoscopic skills in virtual reality with haptic feedback and 3D vision

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title = "Faster acquisition of laparoscopic skills in virtual reality with haptic feedback and 3D vision",
abstract = "BACKGROUND: The study investigated whether 3D vision and haptic feedback in combination in a virtual reality environment leads to more efficient learning of laparoscopic skills in novices.MATERIAL AND METHODS: Twenty novices were allocated to two groups. All completed a training course in the LapSim({\textregistered}) virtual reality trainer consisting of four tasks: 'instrument navigation', 'grasping', 'fine dissection' and 'suturing'. The study group performed with haptic feedback and 3D vision and the control group without. Before and after the LapSim({\textregistered}) course, the participants' metrics were recorded when tying a laparoscopic knot in the 2D video box trainer Simball({\textregistered}) Box.RESULTS: The study group completed the training course in 146 (100-291) minutes compared to 215 (175-489) minutes in the control group (p = .002). The number of attempts to reach proficiency was significantly lower. The study group had significantly faster learning of skills in three out of four individual tasks; instrument navigation, grasping and suturing. Using the Simball({\textregistered}) Box, no difference in laparoscopic knot tying after the LapSim({\textregistered}) course was noted when comparing the groups.CONCLUSIONS: Laparoscopic training in virtual reality with 3D vision and haptic feedback made training more time efficient and did not negatively affect later video box-performance in 2D. [Formula: see text].",
keywords = "3D vision, Haptic feedback, laparoscopy, surgical education, virtual reality",
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