Fertility preservation in the treatment of early stage cervical cancer

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title = "Fertility preservation in the treatment of early stage cervical cancer",
abstract = "Radical trachelectomy in conjunction with pelvic lymphadenectomy is an established, safe method to preserve fertility in selected cases of early cervical cancer. The majority of publications encompass radical trachelectomy performed vaginally preceded by a laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy (Dargent's operation). The invasiveness of an open abdominal trachelectomy and the complexity of a traditional laparoscopic abdominal trachelectomy may explain this dual approach. Despite more than 20 years of videolaparoscopy only a few cases of the procedure with the latter approach are available. With the introduction of robot-assisted laparoscopy, complex and rare procedures may be included in the laparoscopic arsenal and the first cases of a robot-assisted total laparoscopic trachelectomy were published in 2008. In the present paper, our further experience of a total laparoscopic trachelectomy is presented together with a stepwise description of the robotic procedure and our view of the pros and cons compared to the traditional dual laparoscopic/vaginal approach. Available publications of robot-assisted trachelectomy are reviewed.",
keywords = "cervical cancer, fertility, trachelectomy, robot",
author = "Jan Persson",
year = "2011",
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